“Well established finance professional with diverse working experiences poised for managers –
level opportunity”
Know for a tireless work ethic, energetic presentation, and consultative personnel. Gale Samuel
has years of experiences with international NGO and understanding international financial
standards. Worked with national established NGO and worked as consultant in finance field. Experienced with the full range of responsibilities associated with financial management, as well as experience managing finances with Quicken, QuickBooks, Tally 90, and Excel. Ability to operate to international accounting standards (IAS) and IFRS, and to manage, Grants, Payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable and accruals. Staff and office management background, as well as experience supporting programming in field sites around South Sudan A Trustee with Yo’ Care South Sudan, finance advisor and decision-maker in Yo’ Care South Sudan. Fostering loyalty and collaborative problem-solving that helps Yo’ Care South Sudan achieve it intend objective.

As a key member of a leadership team tasked with influencing change with Yo’ Care South Sudan and go to leader for colleagues striving to reach the same levels of performance, Samuel led the organization to develop a groundbreaking, first in kind solution in for Yo’ Care South
Sudan. As a finance specialist with DT Global organization, a USAID funded organization and previously working experiences, Samuel has contributed greatly for the operational of DT global to meet organization objectives in South Sudan. Samuel worked for several NGOs including, MAG International as Liaison Officer and Field Editor, JEN (Japan Emergency NGO) as Admin and Finance Officer, IDO as Admin and Finance Manager, AECOM International as Finance Officer, IMA international as Finance Officer, MSF-Belgium as Finance Administration, and now as Finance Specialist with DT Global International. In additional, Samuel has been engaged in consultancy work with National NGO building their finances and training finance officer with finance skills and finance software.Samuel earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance from Cavendish university Ugandan Kampala branch with CGPA of 4.39 Upper Class honor

Contact :, Skype: gali.samuel1. Tel :+211926943000/+211912115922