It has come to the attention of the Environment and Climate Change Network and the public in the country that, the crude oil exploration and extraction in South Sudan has truly created great negative impact on environment. This being resulted from oil spills, leaks, wastes and chemicals that spewed into ambient environment since the start of oil extraction.
The Environment and Climate Change Network is mindful that, before and after the secession of South Sudan in 2011, the vast riches of natural resources such as crude oil and other minerals in particular are not being exploited and utilized in a manner that
does appreciate the aspirations and demands of South Sudanese people.
Over the past decades to date, the oil industry practices in South Sudan has sadly continues to pollute the environment. Some sources even cited the pollution as the “worse environmental abuse” on the face of modern history.
The oil industry has and still causing massive displacement to the local communities, contaminated water and soil in both Upper Nile and Unity States, continuous rise of birth deformities, death of livestock, deforestation of lands, and rise of unknown ailments. This provoked the local communities in Paloch, Pariang, and Bentiu to angrily voice their concerns, citing that oil companies are violating their rights

1 .Many international and local agencies and right groups issued multiple reports, echoed their concern about oil pollution and environmental poisoning in South Sudan. UNICEF reported that 2.3 million children are affected by Lead chemical. Nile Initiative for Health
and Environment report that over 200 children bear deformities, Sign of Hope voiced her concern over the poisoned water based on the scientific study conducted in Block 5A. It is this concern that, we the four national non-governmental organizations namely; People Initiative Development Organization (PIDO), Yo’ Care South Sudan, Sudd Environment Agency (SEA) and Africa Centre for Research and Development (ACRAD) in South Sudan came together in June and has successfully formed a consortium
(Environment and Climate Change Network) which aimed to develop strategic approach to address issues of oil pollution in the country together with the concern institutions, partners and other stakeholders.

Meanwhile in light of the above-mentioned concerns based on the current status of oil contamination in Unity and Upper Nile States, we have the pleasure to issue the following calls:
– Calling upon the oil operating companies in the country to protect the environment by applying the practices in accordance with Oil and Environmental Acts of South Sudan.
– Respond and compensate the local communities whose livelihoods is being affected by the oil exploration.
– Launching bioremediation program to the abandoned polluted areas.
– Calling up on the Ministry of Petroleum to spearhead the Environmental and social audit which was announced earlier supported by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.
– Calling up on the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity to grant inspection to oilfields in order to assess the level of environmental poisoning and mapping the advancement of pollution to Sudd Swamps.
– Calling up on the government to hold accountable any oil operating company which does not appreciate the practices that does respect the safety of the environment and the people. For further information, please contact the on Environment and Climate Change at:


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