Putting Hand Hygiene at the Centre of a Global Handwashing Day, COVID-19, water, sanitation, and hygiene response

Globally, as handwashing takes on more importance than ever before, Yo’ Care South Sudan and our donor partners Health Care South Sudan (UK) and IPTEC Ltd (South Sudan) celebrated Global Handwashing Day on October 15, 2021

Figure 1: WASH NFIs being distributed to women at Mangateen IDPs Camp

 under the theme “Our Future is at Hand – Let’s Move Forward Together”, with Internally Displace Persons of Magateen communities in Juba, South Sudan. Access to safe water and sanitation facilities and the adoption of effective hygiene practices are fundamental to reducing maternal and child morbidity and mortality globally. In armed conflict settings – such as the present situation in South Sudan, inadequate water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure poses major health risks for women and children.


Only 40% of population have access to safe water

In South Sudan, 61% of population practice open defecation

10% of population have access to improved sanitation. Even worse, many people in South Sudan do not have access to handwashing facilities with soap.

In promoting hand hygiene practice, Yo’ Care South Sudan deliver a long 2 hours sanitation and hygiene education on the importance of handwashing with soap, as an easy, effective, and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.  The Mr. Benedick explain how Hand washing every time and every day, at school, at home or at work ensure Hand hygiene which in turn protects against gems and various communicable diseases – such as diarrheal diseases, flu and cold including COVID-19.


Figure 2: Ms. Marcilia , demonstrate steps of hand washing at the Mangateen IDPs Camp

The event presents an opportunity for Yo’ Care South Sudan to imitate creative ways to encourage people to wash their hands with soap at critical times. Most importantly, Ms. Marcelia Paulo demonstrate to the IDPs communities’ simple step and techniques to washing hand with water and soap.  These steps were demonstrated by both team from Yo’ Care South Sudan and volunteers’ members of the community.

Further, over 2000 bar soaps and liquid handwashing soap were donated to community as token of encouragement to household members to take available of soap for handwashing and improve hand hygiene and healthy living.

In nutshell, Yo’ Care South Sudan adopt to celebrate this Global Hand washing Day for the first time. Overall goal for us to celebrate this day, and which shall be mark every year is to advocates and creates a change in behavior, beliefs, and knowledge on life-saving hygiene practices.




12,000 individuals reached with WASH services by Yo’ Care South Sudan in Jebel, Gudele, Checkpoint, Rock City and Mangateen areas of Juba, South Sudan.

2,004 WASH NFI kits distributed, in addition 1,480 dignity kits distributed to 500 vulnerable and women headed households (3,500 individuals).

12,884 individuals reached with hygiene promotion as well as COVID-19-related risk communications and community engagement activities. One (1) WASH assessment conducted in Jebel Kujur Suburb in South Sudan.


2021 Yo’ Care South Sudan WASH appeal:

  • US$ 300,500 required
  • Current funding gap: 79 %



Dr. Yohanis Riek

President & CEO

E-mail: Yohanis.riek@yocare.org

Tel: +211 922 222 906

Mr. Benedick Majok

WASH Programme Manager

E-mail: ben.majok@yocare.org

Tel: +211 927 001 080

Ms. Marcilia Paulo

Data Insights Manager

E-mail: marcilia.paulo@yocare.org

Tel: +211 920 888 7876

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