Health and Nutrition

Owing to prolonged war in South Sudan, health systems are severely characterized by damaged infrastructure, limited human resources, weak stewardship and a proliferation of non-governmental organizations in the health sector. This has resulted in the disruption and, fragmented delivery of health services across the Country.

Our health and nutrition program started in June 2011 with a HIV/AIDS Project funded by Multi-Donors Trust Fund in Unity State’ Rubkona, Kotch, Mayom and Abiemnom Counties. We currently implement integrated health services with funding from IntraHealth and SSHF.Within the healthcare delivery system, Yo’ Care focuses on the provision of BasicPackage of Health Services (BPHS) for the Primary Care Level. Over the last 10years and in the next 10 years, we will continue to focus on this pillar to address the current health gaps and challenges facing the Country health system (the health care delivery).

Components of our health and nutrition program

Nutrition and health are inextricably linked through the vicious cycle of malnutrition and infection. Poor health results in poor nutrition outcomes, and poor nutrition results in poor health outcomes. In South Sudan, diet has been identified as one of the top risk factors in the national burden of disease,contributing to the morbidity and mortality of under 5-year old children.

Water,Sanitation and hygiene promotion (WASH) Programme.

Overall goal: Providing families with clean water, improved sanitation and good
hygiene practices.